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Stamberg, ?, 1823.

All good to my nephew Itzik.
Since I happen to be in Stamberg now,
and circumstances do not permit that
I tell you in Münster that which I want
to write to you now. I have here discovered
that before the coming Spring you intend
to depart for America in the company of
your cousin (uncle) from Rheiner. I want
herewith to ask you in the most friendly
fashion, to let me know whether this rumour
is true or not. If such is really the case,
I should very much like to make the
journey with you, provided that you
find the idea pleasant. I hope that
you will let me know your opinion. In any
case, with many greetings,

Your loving uncle,

Aaron Abraham Leeser.

Sent by messenger and

addressed to Henry Isaac
at Henry Leesman
, on the Loerstrasse,



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Dear Brother

I am herewith sending you the
Lasen Horen trager ? that you asked for. I think it
will meet with your desire. I should have been
glad to weave one for you, but had no time since
I am a house wife and in charge of seven chil-
dren, and am busy until ten o'clock at night
and after that one feels very tired and glad to
go to bed. When you have received this hasen-
trager, write to me about it. Also I have
heard that you want to go to America, so I
suppose that you will first come to pay me a
visit. I, too, am not disposed to remain
here with our aunt. I don't know what else
I might write to you. So farewell and
live contentedly.

Your devoted sister,

Leah Lippman

Regards to the good Breicha, and tell
her I will write to her when I have