MANY persons and communities who have read in the Occident communications from Dr. Wise, and others, relative
to a meeting of our people, having for its object the adoption of measures for our spiritual and temporal welfare,
although highly approving of the suggestion, still hold back from taking any active measures towards carrying it out,
not being in possession of sufficiently definite information as to the nature of the objects contemplated. It having,
moreover, been represented that the method at first suggested for bringing together the desired meeting, is open to
various and weightly objections, this circular is put forth, which will be found to comprise,

1st. A brief exposition of the evils existing among us.

2d. Proposed measures of remedy.

3d. Mode of organization for the first meeting.

The evils existing among us will be found to consist of,

1st. A want of proper concert.

2d. The fact that our teachers have, in many cases, but few necessary qualifications.

3d. A great want of schools of any worth.

4th. No means of correct information on our ancient and present history, and on our religion.

5th. No constituted authority to which we can refer questions of doubt of contingency.

6th. No means or medium to supply our poor and our children with proper books of devotion and instruction.

7th. A want of proper devotion, alike in our houses and our Synagogues, amounting in some cases to a departure
from the true principles of our faith.

The remedy proposed is to call a meeting or convention of Jews in the United States, having for its object,

1st. A union of all the congregations by delegation, and stated meetings.

2d. Education of youth.

3d. Instruction of all classes by the establishment of schools and publication of books, informing our people of
their destiny, their religion, their duties, and their history.

4th. The discussion of such other subjects as may be brought to the notice of the assembly, but petitions from

The proper mode of representation and assembly, is,

1st. A meeting of Jews shall be held in New York.

2d. It shall consist of none but delegates to be elected by any Jewish congregation in the United States, each con-
gregation sending one delegate; and if more than one delegate should be present from any one body, then such
whole delegation shall have but one vote.

3d. Every delegate shall bring a certificate of his election, signed by the president and secretary of the congrega-
tion sending him.

4th. The number of delegates for the first meeting shall not be less than twenty.

5th. Any congregation agreeing to his plan shall notify the same to the Rev. Isaac Leeser, who, when twenty
congregations have so signified to him, shall have power to appoint the day of meeting, and arrange other required

Arise, O Israel! you shall be unto me a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation, saith the Lord.

This circular is issued under the auspices of Rev. Dr. Wise, of Albany, N. Y., and Dr. Lilienthal, of New
, and it is requested that all persons into whose hands it may fall, will present it to their friends and ask the
co-operation of their respective Synagogues.

hand symbol You will confer a favour by informing the subscriber, Corresponding Secretary pro tempore, of the determi-
nation of your body with respect to the election of delegates, whether favourable or not. In case you resolve to
attend the proposed meeting, you will then state the name of the person or persons elected to represent your con-
gregation. The subscriber will duly inform you whether a sufficient number of congregations have joined, and it is
hoped that the meeting may convene at NEW YORK on the THIRD MONDAY in SIVAN next ensuing, corresponding
with the 11th of June.

ISAAC LEESER, Cor. Sec. Pro tem.

Philadelphia, Adar 5th, 5609.

Typewritten circular

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Memorial for a

Convention of Jews.

April 1st. 1849.