Resolved, That the Corresponding Secretary be directed to inform the various Congregations, Auxiliary Societies and Individuals, of the
formation of the Parent Society, and to invite their co-operation.”


The subscriber has the honour of calling your attention to the foregoing resolution, adopted at a meeting of Israelites of
Philadelphia, held on the ninth day of November, last, for the purpose of forming “The American Jewish Publication Society;”
and takes the liberty of laying before you the principal features of this institution.

The want of books illustrative of our blessed religion has long since been severely felt both in England and America, and
in no department more than in those elementary works, which a parent could with safety place in the hands of his children.

The encouragement hitherto extended to works of this kind, even the most meritorious, has been so small, that very few
could or would venture in the face of a probably failure, to appear before the Jewish community as authors on Jewish subjects.

But as association has been found to produce a remarkable degree of success where individual efforts had failed, it was
deemed highly probable, that if Israelites were to unite for the encouragement of their own literature, they might speedily wit-
ness many beneficial effects of their union.

With this view, the above society, of which the subscriber has the honour to be the Corresponding Secretary, was formed by
the Israelites of Philadelphia, for the purpose of encouraging Jewish literature and to diffuse the works which may be published
under their direction in every part of the land.

To show the practicability of the plan, two of those now composing the Board of Managers had printed, as a preliminary
step towards the organization of the society, two books, one called “Caleb Asher,” (a reprint of an English work,) and the other,
“The Hebrew Tales,” (taken from the book of that name by the late Dr. Hurwitz, of London.) under the name of the Jewish
Miscellany, Nos. 1 & 2. The cost at which these two books were produced, is so low, that we have now not the least doubt,
that if from twelve to fifteen hundred subscribers can be obtained, at but ONE DOLLAR each per annum, we shall be enabled to
issue eight numbers of the Miscellany every year, distribute them to the subscribers, set apart a considerable number for distri-
bution among the poor, and have a surplus to be sold for the benefit of the general fund, besides realizing a surplus in money
from the contributions of the members and subscribers, whilst every one of these will receive a quantity of literary matter for
less than he could purchase the same under any ordinary circumstances.

All that is required is the co-operation of all Israelites who feel an interest in their literature. We therefore appeal to you
to use your influence among your friends and the members of your congregation, to establish an auxiliary society to act with us
for the furtherance of our plan, as pointed out in our constitution, a copy of which accompanies this circular. The object speaks
so strongly for itself, that it is deemed unnecessary to make a stronger appeal than the mere statement of the fact of our organ-
ization, and the assurance of our ability to carry out the object of our union, if we are only supported by the kind countenance
and contributions of our friends at home and abroad. It would afford us great pleasure if the Ladies also would form auxiliary
societies on the plan proposed, as no good work can be perfect while their aid is absent.

We would also be obliged to you, if you could procure donations to our funds to enable us to proceed for the first year
without that large number of members which we expect hereafter.

Nos. 1 & 2 of our Miscellany will be forwarded to you upon application to the subscriber, in case you have not already seen them.

Our plan of publication will embrace the whole range of religious literature, and it is our intention to have all our works
printed with a clear type and on good paper, so as to make them fit to be put in any library.

The Board of Officers of our society for this year, consists of Abraham Hart, President; Henry Cohen and David Samuel,
Vice Presidents; Joseph L. Moss, Treasurer; Alfred T. Jones, Recording Secretary; Isaac Leeser, Corresponding Secretary;
Hyman Gratz, Louis Bomeisler, Leon Hyneman, Lazarus Arnold, Elias P. Levy and Abraham S. Wolf, Managers; and Isaac
, Abraham Hart and Solomon Solis, Publication Committee.

You would render an especial favour by replying as soon as convenient to the subscriber, who will be happy to furnish you
with all other information which you may desire.

In the hope that our association may grow and labour successfully in the spread of the kingdom of our Heavenly Father,
Israel's King and Saviour, in this extensive country, I have the honour to sign myself,

Your friend,


Corresponding Secretary of the American Jewish Publication Society.

Philadelphia, Decr. 10, 1845. Kislev 11, 5606.

Typewritten circular