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Baltimore 17. Jany. 1826.

The final enquiry (sic) after my arrival here this morning
was the long lost bundle for Gen. Lingan as yet no such
package is within recollection and our friend Cohen was
by no means negligent in making applications. he still
says that some information of it may reach him when
it does you may rely upon his attention to forward it. My impression is that it has been too long undiscovered
to be regained soon. however, like all pious souls-
we shall hope for the best.

Another commission I
had to execute for Ms. Jacobs in this place, which
has proved fruitless and which I wish to mention
to Abba that she may convey the same to her—
The articles she desired me to get for her I have very diligently enquired (sic) for with the assistance of a friend
but cannot be procured. I will bear it in mind when
I get to N. Y.

On sunday (sic) we had a tolerable pleast.
day down James' River reach Norfolk about 11 at night
ate breakfast with Mr. Sol. Marks, and took passage
at 11 on board the Virginia. the prospect of a quick &
favorable passage was not promising. the wind being

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blustering. tho after under way for a few hours the
wind changed and with the exception of its being cold
we passd.? a pleasant time. and arrived one hour sooner
than usual. On Thursday morning at ? I shall take
stage for Phila. from which place I shall write to Mama
all particulars about family affairs. So thus? far I have
opened correspondence with you in detail of my journey—.

I hope that you and Meyer will lend all aid to keep
matters easy at home. dont let the folks starve for want of
good poultry. and by all means omit scolding at Julia.
and whiping (sic) George when they dont (sic) walk straight.

Great preparations I seem to be making among the wedding
folk at Norfolk.

You will remember me to one and
all of the family. With best wishes for yourself.


Dan. Judah

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Mr. Isaac Leezer

Care of Dan: Judah & Co.