N. Y. Adar the 11th (March), 1849.

Rev. I. Leeser, Philadelphia.

My very honored friend:

I transmit to you, herewith, that which was left for you yesterday
by our friend Dr. Wise. I shall send you, at the latest by the 12th, the
sermon itself, as soon as it has been read by the one with whom Dr. Wise
left it, and by him, as he promised, translated into English.

“I recall my sins this day”* I enclose here $3. which I owe you
for the “Occident” of last year. I beg for your forgiveness. The Frenchman say
“Mieux tard que jamais”. My worries ill fortune this past year wa?
such that I have forgotten everything except my misfortunes. The fact is that
through the will of the All Merciful and All Wise God, I lost my pious a?
incomparable wife. That was at the beginning of the summer. I am, no?
unfortunately, a widower, and my children are motherless. I have lost
everything, everything but my God.

When you, my very dear friends for many years, come here
please pay me a visit. For the present, my address is 428 Grand St
and beginning next May, 62 Orchard Street.

The question now so heatedly discussed by our friend Dr. Wise, as well as,
seen through different glasses, by our friend Dr. Lilienthal, and in which ?
joined—I mean the question about Judaism, or, rather, about the Jews,
has also not been neglected by me, as you may readily suppose. I, too
have, ever since the beginning, contributed my views everywhere and ?
faith. But I need not tell you, however, that I say to all well-meaning
people with regard to this, “Think, think. Don't act too hastily and thought-
lessly. God forbid”. With my “Ben Uziel” I should like to call to all me?
“Oh, that you noble men, among those who are now active for the welfare of Judaism
oh, that you would consider that it is not a sign of life merely to let chains
fall from hand and foot and to beautify the clothing, merely the outer
appearance. If you would only restrain the hand raised to tear down a?
would first consider whether the holy and the eternal. The life and
truth are not hidden in the building, etc., etc.” Meetings of eve?
one, gatherings and consultations, but—but — —!

I wish you well from the bottom of my heart, and so, too, do my beloved
children. Good health and long life. If you can and want to, it will give me great
pleasure to receive a few lines from you along with your receipt.

Devotedly yours,

L. Blumenthal

*Genesis 41:9