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Columbia June 28th 1854

Dear Sir

I have taken the liberty
of enclosing you the following slip, cut
from one of our Daily Journals of this
State, after perusing it, you will understand
my motive in addressing you.

A card.

MESSRS. EDITORS: I am informed that some
persons have spread the rumor that I am of
Israelitic origin. Why they do so, or what has
led to the rumor, I do not know, nor is it of any
consequence. Perhaps it may even be thought
unimportant whether the story be believed or not,
but truth is any day worth as much as error, and
as we live here in a small and close community, I
may as well state that there is not a shadow of truth in it.

I have known as honorable men, and when I
was a soldier, as brave men, among the Jews as
among any other people; but I have not the honor
of belonging to the Shemitic (sic) tribe, for whom
Mr. D'Israeli claims the highest rank among the
peoples of the earth. I can only claim unadulte-
rated Teutonic blood. Neither I, nor any of my
forefathers, had ever any admixture of Hebrew
blood in his veins. I am simply and plainly a
German by birth. That is all; and since it is a
fact, I do not see that rumor has the right of cir-
cumcising me without my consent.

There is a passage in my “Journal in Greece,”
which, at Niebuhr's advice, I gave in Latin, be-
cause “a foreign language does not blush.” Those
who have perused it will remember it as a very
curious incidental proof that I descend from the

Not long ago I saw it stated that Niebuhr had
been of Jewish extraction. This is no more the
truth. If by chance this article should be seen
in Germany, it would create a hearty laugh.

If I leave no imprint on “the shore of time,” it
is utterly indifferent to talk of me or my extrac-
tion; if I succeed in doing that which others see
fit to claim as not unworthy of note, then let it
simply be vindicated in the right quarter. I am
a German emigrant, and not ashamed of it; I am
an American citizen, (and one that is of age, for I
have been a citizen more than twenty-one years,)
and am proud of it, and have always shown that
am so.    Your obedient,



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A friend mentioned to me that he was
inclined to think that you were acquainted
with Dr Liebersi (sic) origin, and that possibly
you might throw some light upon the
subject, the fact of his being, or not
being a Jew would not render it a
criminal offence (sic), he is a Professor in
the South Carolina College, and I have
understood changed his religion, as also
the spelling of his name.

If you can
give any information on the subject, it
shall be considered strictly confidential
unless otherwise authorized by you, and
you will confer a lasting obligation
upon all Israelites of this place.

Be pleased
to give me an early answer, and by so
doing oblige

Your sincere friend

L. T. Levin

Rev Isaac Leeser