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The undersigned request you to accept enclosed ticket of
the first annual Charity Dinner of the Israelites of
Philadelphia and I [?] with your company on Wednes-
day evening the 23rd of February at Sansom Street hall at 6 o'clock
P.M. This present dinner is given in aid of the Hebrew education
and the Hebrew fuel societies. Both of which strongly appeal to the
public for support; for the object of the first is to support religious
moral and scientific education to produce a spirit of religiousness
which will enable them, on the one side, to resist the temptation
of forsaking the nation of Israel, and on the other, to be strict observers
of all the duties demanded by our faith and the other to provide impoverished
Jews with food, clothing and fuel during the inclemency of the winter season. We deem both of these worthy of the consideration [?]
of whatever creed and I shall be happy if you would favor
us with such a donation as your liberality may dictate. Have good will to inform the President A.A. Hart Esq
the undersigned by note on or before the 10th of February whether
we may anticipate having you among us on the above occasion
so as to enable us to make proper arrangements for the reception
of our guests. I can only pray that the Most High will help our sacred
undertaking and we shall have new cause to acknowledge
with thankful hearts, the blessings He has bestowed upon
a scattered remnant of his chosen people.
Isaac Leeser
Alfred T. Jones